Who’s the Girl?


I was once asked to write one word, one single jumble of letters, that would offer insight into “WHO I AM”. Usually this type of exercise irks me, but in that moment I picked up my pen mindlessly and wrote:


Here I am on this speck of a blue-green planet whirling away in an infinite universe, trying to live as gracefully and gratefully as possible (with mixed results, but a girl does her best). Like Alice chasing a white rabbit without reflecting on why, I’m not so much concerned with finding answers to the great mysteries of existence, but instead on following where the mysteries lead.

Throngs of people have always pushed answers like snake oil, all promising they’ve got the secret magic sauce that will ease all one’s confusion, stress, depression, anger. But an answer will only ever be a momentary “Aha!” and is only useful if it leads to another question, evolving as perspective widens and understanding grows.

So, this gal is focused on the unknown, questing after questions, endlessly falling deeper into the mystery of being anything at all.

Cheers to your journey,
Jessie Huffaker