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Jul 24

July 24, 2017

Sparrow with nest, Birds of Buzzard's Roost, William Watson Woollen, 1907.

Control Leads to Chaos: As Proven by Sparrows

“What is the nature of a species that knowingly and without good reason exterminates another? How long will man persist in the belief that he is the master of the Earth rather than one of its guests? When will he learn that he is but one form of life among countless thousands, each one of which is in some way related to and dependent on all others? How long can he survive if he does not?” George L. Small, The…

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Feb 27

February 27, 2014

Abandoned Building in Asheville, NC, Jessie Huffaker, 2014

Barefoot Economics for the Modern American

Wide-scale poverty in this country isn’t an isolated problem that just suddenly appeared one day when the economy “crashed.” It’s directly related to the more holistic issue of prodigious wealth inequality in our country. But here’s the spark of glimmering goodness that I see in this stark reality: every crisis is also an opportunity.

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